Delaney Jane Larson "THE ROYAL CREATURE"


"Primarily working with ceramic, oil, gouache, and collage, I concoct curios ruled by nonsense, love, unexpected reveries, and wishes. Myriad peculiar creatures and charming beasts live in simple spaces, where they find themselves in absurd situations. I use familiar iconography as a language for the characters, and employ a limited color palette to counterbalance the situational idiosyncrasies. White creates simple dreamscapes and evokes a childlike innocence.

My process is ever changing. Every piece is conjured from games I play, built on ridiculous scenarios, silly poems, and outlandish narratives. I play with the collaged elements like puzzle pieces. The pieces are connected through pencil sketches, and completed with ink and gouache, oil paint or clay. The result is a world where clouds are summoned from the wool of ornery sheep, the moon may sprout legs for a midnight stroll, and reports of the troublesome Royal Creature are commonly heard."

-Delaney Jane Larson